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What is an Automotive Oxygen Sensor?

Oxygen sensor for automotive, also known as a lambda sensor, is a critical component of the automotive fuel injection system. It helps the system in measuring the oxygen contents in the exhaust gas and output signal in voltages to ECU (electronic control unit) to calculate the CO contents and air-fuel mixture of exhaust gas. Vehicle must maintain an air and fuel mixture of 14.7:1, the industry’s standard for efficient and optimal emission. Too much oxygen in this ratio means the engine is running lean; result in poor engine performance. Too much fuel in this ration means the engine is running rich; result in bad fuel economy and high emission. Both conditions may shorten the lifespan of a vehicle's engine and catalytic converter.

Ceradex's patented automobile O2 sensor technology is crafted with the highest precision and it is designed to endure the toughest environment of a vehicle's exhaust system. We also provide OEM oxygen sensors service. To ensure the highest quality and stability, every piece of sensor manufactured undergoes a strict simulated bench for function check, as well as a pressurized sealing bench for leakage check. With 25 years of experience in the field, choose CERADEX automotive sensor manufacturers for your replacement needs.