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Rotary Ring Sensor

Customize to suit your project needs

Rotary ring sensor is constructed by stacked flexible polymer sheet with screen-printed conductive material or ink. Therefore, rotary ring sensors can be ultra-thin, flexible, and sealed properties.

With the advantage of its size and customize flexibility, its application varies across industries from individuals to businesses.


Ceradex's rotary ring sensor technology is designed with precision and detailed printing on a flexible substrate that provides cost-effective solutions and customized options to meet customer's needs.

Selected Materials

We DON'T compromise

As Ceradex products specialize in material science engineering, substrate screen printing, and resistive sensors, we understand the materials that construct the sensor need to be of a high standard to sustain stable characteristics, durability, and reliability. Therefore, Ceradex carefully selected our sensor components as well as raw materials from OEM suppliers and world-leading companies.