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Membrane Printed Heater

Customize to suits your project needs

Membrane printed heater is also known as flexible printed heaters. It is constructed by screen-printing conductive material on a single layer of flexible polymer sheets. The heater is ultra-thin, flexible, and integrated positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heating paste. It allows minimal integration spaces and without an external temperature controlling module. With PTC heating characteristics, membrane printed heater reaches the specific temperature, the resistance elevates rapidly, and electric current decreases to keep constant temperature.


CERADEX's membrane heater technology is designed with precision and detailed printing on a flexible substrate that provides cost-effective solutions and customized options to meet customer's needs.

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CERADEX Membrane Heater Technology

membrane printed heater customize options

CERADEX membrane heater technology offers PTC membrane printed heater for limited space configuration. With our own formulated materials and screen printing process, our customers can choose what best suited their project. Customized options as below,

  • Voltage setting
  • Configuration
  • Dimension
  • Connector

In general, Membrane heaters are made of single PET film for minimal space integration. Besides membrane printed heater, CERADEX also provides solutions for other factors that our customers may concern.

  • High temperature tolerence
  • Low temperature stability