CERADEX - Taiwan Oxygen Sensor Company

     As a sensor focused company, CERADEX started its business with Automotive Oxygen Sensor.  For 25 years, it has fine-tuned its technology and thus extending its product offering to include Wideband Sensor, Air Fuel Ratio Sensor, and Motorcycle Oxygen Sensor.  All the while, accumulates its knowledge base and experience in the field of thick film screen print process, material science, and high temperature heating process.  Using these skills, it furthered customer service and product offering to include Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor in 2019 for both diesel engine and turbocharger. 
     To diversify product line even more, CERADEX also made ready its Force Sensitive Resistor and Potentiometer (position sensor); put forth our footprint into the printed Electronics industry. 
     We are extremely excited about these new additions and our future as a sensor focused company.  More Sensor related products are sure to come!!

“Our mission is to produce great quality products with value added service supports to cultivate growth with our clients worldwide. Go further with CERADEX, your one stop shop for oxygen sensor!!”

PLANT #1(HQ) #3
Location Taiwan China
Employee 50 20
Tech Thimble Oxygen Sensor, Planar Oxygen Sensor, Air Fuel Ratio Sensor, Wideband Sensor, Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor, Printed Electronics Thimble Oxygen Sensor, Planar Oxygen Sensor, Wideband Oxygen Sensor
Function Dedicated Full Production Line Assembly Line
Monthly Capacity 20,000 pc 15,000 pc
Delivery 30-45 days 30-45 days
Labs QC, RD QC

With two TS-16949 certified manufacturing facilities and 70 well trained staffs, CERADEX is ready to produce quality products that meet client’s delivery requests. Clients also have the options to export in Taiwan and China.