CERADEX - Taiwan Oxygen Sensor Company

Headquartered in Taiwan and with three TS-16949 certified manufacturing facilities, CERADEX is one of the few oxygen sensor manufacturers in the world that develop and produce the ceramic elements for its sensors. Starting with the research to formulize the zirconium, our core ceramic element is developed in house for both thimble and planar type structure, using both press forming process and stacked multi-layer thick film process. These processes allow us to achieve a portfolio of oxygen sensor technologies including thimble type, planar type, air fuel ratio type, and wideband type oxygen sensors.

With 25 years of experience developing and producing Oxygen Sensor, CERADEX has proven itself to be at the forefront of oxygen sensor technology in the aftermarket sector, and the trustworthy supplier that seeks growth cultivation with its clients in over 50 countries worldwide.

“Our mission is to produce great quality products with value added service supports to cultivate growth with our clients worldwide. Go further with CERADEX, your one stop shop for oxygen sensor!!”

PLANT #1(HQ) #2 #3
Location Taiwan Taiwan China
Employee 50 20 20
Tech Thimble Planar, A/F Ratio, Wideband Thimble
Function Dedicated Full Production Line Dedicated Full Production Line Assembly Line
Monthly Capacity 20,000 pc 40,000 pc 15,000 pc
Delivery 30-45 days 30-45 days 30-45 days

With three TS-16949 certified manufacturing facilities and 90 well trained staffs, CERADEX is ready to produce quality products that meet client’s delivery requests. Clients also have the options to export in Taiwan and China.