How Membrane Heater Applied Within Household?

Post by Allen Huang, Updated on July 5th, 2021


Membrane printed heater is also known as Flexible printed heater. It is constructed with flexible polymer sheets and conductive material and ink. Therefore, membrane printed heater can be ultra-thin, flexible, and sealed properties. Flexible printed heater integrated positive temperature coefficient (PTC) carbon paste, meaning resistance elevate rapidly, and electric current decrease while heating element reached specific temperature. it is ideal to prevent overheating and keep constant temperature. In addition, it is cost-efficient and space-saving due to no external temperature controller needed.


Floor Heater

floor heating



Floor heater is a common household appliance in many countries and regions. Membrane heater is one of the solutions for floor heating due to its membrane style, it is easy to install and minimize floor addition. Also, PTC heating elements keep the temperature sustain in specific setting. electric current decreases when reached the corresponding temperature and lower the overall energy consumption.


Towel Warmer

towel heating


In general application, printed heater is also being integrated within the towel warmer. It is perfect to use PTC printed heater for towel warmer due to its PTC characteristic. With self-regulating temperature, no external controller is needed, and no need to concern about overheating. Also, it can be integrated within limited space as a towel hanger due to its flexibility and customizability.



In conclusion, PTC flexible heater can be a simple solution for household objects. With its PTC functionality, it crosses out few concerns of household heaters. At the same time, its cost-effectiveness benefits from installation to long-term energy-saving.


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