How is PTC Heating Film Being Used in Automotive?

Post by Allen Huang, Updated on July 20th, 2021 


In regions with higher latitude, cold and icy weather is more common. Heated applications have become necessary and more popular. As heating technology varies, positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heating elements can be an ideal solution for automotive integration. PTC heating film is flexible, thin, which can be easily integrated within limited space. Its unique characteristic of self-regulating can keep constant heat on specific temperature when powered, meaning no need to worry about overheating and without the need of temperature controlling module.

Heated Seat Cover




Heated seat cover and steering wheel heater can be commonly found in automotive accessories shop. It generally appears as covers or in some cases with a thin cushion. With PTC heating film, it can keep constant heat and reach comfortable temperature fast. Additionally, with the customizability of the printed heater, it can also be designed with multiple heated zones and different specific temperatures.


Side Mirror Defogger




Side mirror defroster is also known as side mirror defogger. It is generally integrated at the back of the side mirrors; it can maintain a clear view when driving and defrost when starting the vehicle. With PTC heating film, it can simply paste and plug. Due to its self-regulating characteristics, there is no need for a temperature controller or regulator.



In conclusion, PTC heating films have been integrated with even more applications within the automotive industry. With its flexibility and customizability, it is ideal for limited space within vehicles. Also, PTC’s characteristic is a cost-effective solution for heating requirements.


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