How Printed Flexible Heaters Can be a Better Solution for Wearables and Portable Devices?

Post by Allen Huang, Updated on June 2nd, 2022

printed flexible heater

Warmth is an essential requirement for comfort and even survival. Trace back to the stone age, our ancestors make fires with wood to light up the night and resist the colds. Therefore, we consciously desired a fireplace or heater in our home. However, it is still not enough because there are other affairs that need to be done outside the house. Grownups go to work, kids go to school, and on the holidays we explore somewhere we haven't been, or maybe just shop for groceries. In this case, integrating flexible heaters within our apparel or portable device can be an easy solution that resolves the concern of stepping outside in cold weather.


Why use Printed flexible heaters?

flexible heater apparel integration


Traditional wire heaters integrate metal wires in between fabrics as their heating element. For example, a heated blanket(electric blanket) which used under bedsheets and perhaps on the sofa. It is easily aware of its layout due to the thickness of the wires. The hardness wire is also restricting and suggested not to overbend in case of short-circuiting.


Membrane and flexible

On the other hand, printed heaters are constructed by screen-printing conductive materials onto flexible films like PET, PI, and TPU substrates. Therefore, it can be ultra-thin and flexible. It can seamlessly be integrated into clothing and other wearable accessories.


Battery friendly and portable

Regarding power consumption, traditional heaters required a power outlet as their power supply. Printed heaters are battery friendly which makes the product portable. Extending its applications from wearables to outdoor activities utensils, such as sleeping bags and dryers for camping.


Safe and rapid heating

With heating elements that are used in direct contact or close to the human body, the most critical factor will be safety. By using PTC (positive temperature coefficient) materials within the printed heaters, the characteristic of self-regulating can prevents overheating. Also, the heating elements are completely sealed within the flexible substrate which is more resistant to moisture environment or washing machine. It is very important that the risk of damaged heaters may lead to short-circuit and worst cause a fire.
Additionally, PTC heaters initiate with low resistance and escalate as temperature increases which benefits the applications with instant heating requirements such as emergency blankets.


Where can Printed flexible heaters be used?



Outdoor activities

  • heated sleeping bag
  • heated camping cot
  • rollable drying pad
  • heated footwear
  • heated jacket




Winter sports

  • heated helmet
  • heated gloves
  • heated jacket
  • heated footwear
  • heated goggles




Working gear

  • heated gloves
  • heated jacket
  • heated footwear


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