Wide Range Application Coverage

  • With technology such as planar, air fuel ratio, and wideband oxygen sensor, CERADEX has the potential of having full application coverage cross to industry leaders
  • Over 20,000+ direct OEM referencing, selling to more than 50 countries worldwide
  • Experience in serving retailers, e-commerce, and WD's
  • Specification in both universal fit and OEM direct fit. Appropriate for both distribution and retailer / e-commerce sector
  • Available applications for American, European, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese car makes.

Advanced Oxygen Sensor Technology

  • Thimble type element structure in both heated and unheated
  • Planar type element structure to ensure quicker start up time and switch time
  • High wattage type
  • Lean Air Fuel Ratio type that ensure higher sensitivity of sensor and save more mileage
  • 5 wired wideband duel cell type allowing all range lambda detection to meet higher standard of today’s emission.
  • 25 developing and none developing patents in Taiwan and China
Available Technology Types vs. Industry Leaders
Technology Types CERADEX B*** D*** N***
Thimble Oxygen Sensor x x x x
Planar Oxygen Sensor x x x x
Air Fuel Ratio Sensor x   x  
Wideband Sensor x x   x
CERADEX is one of a few companies in the world that have successfully developed both the air fuel ratio sensor and the wideband sensor for the replacement aftermarket. In the market of ever evolving oxygen sensor technologies, CERADEX strives to follow closely the foot steps of world leaders in order to provides its customers the necessary applications for their coverage needs!

Premium Quality

  • OEM and ODM supplier
  • TS-16949 UL certified
  • ISO 9001 UL certified
  • CE certified
  • A member of AAIA
  • 100% check of sensor function and seal leakage before shipment to ensure the highest quality requirement and stability
  • In house designed quality control equipment that are calibrated by SGS and CLS
  • Our sensor components as well as raw materials are sourced from OEM suppliers and world leading companies
  • Patented know how of processing the core ceramic element to achieve excellent signal response
  • 13 month warrantee

Excellent Services

  • 3 manufacturing facilities and 2 export points in both Taiwan and China to ensure the quickest delivery time
  • Shipment consolidation flexibility
  • Special Packaging
  • Tailored instruction sheet
  • Private labeling
  • Bar-code
  • Leaflet
  • Product engraving
  • Product laser imprint
  • 25 years of experience research and selling of oxygen sensor, our sales and technical teams are ready to support!

Experienced ODM Research & Development

  • 25 years of experience in ceramic powder formulation
  • 25 years of experience in ceramic powder press forming and co-firing
  • 10 years of experience in multilayer ceramic stacking of thick film
  • Experienced RD team with background in material science engineering, mechanical engineering, automation, process engineering, and electrical engineering
  • All related sensing and forming projects are welcome!  Please contact William Huang (william@ceradex.com.tw), Director of Development, for product development, OEM, and ODM enquiries.