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Custom Printed Sensors

Welcome to Ceradex, our commitment to excellence is evident in each sensor we design, tailored to surpass industry standards and enhance your technological ecosystem. Come see our works and discover the Ceradex difference, your partner in advanced membrane sensor solutions.

Printed Sensors

Printed sensors represent a technological vanguard in the domain of flexible electronics, where cutting-edge screen-printing techniques are employed to deposit functional inks onto membrane substrates, crafting sensors that are uniquely thin, lightweight, and flexible. This process allows for the creation of sensors with intricate electrical layouts meanwhile remaining in membrane fashion and customized functionalities that can easily integrated into a multitude of environments. These sensors operate on the principle of resistance variation under applied force, enabling responsive behavior in interactive or monitoring applications.


Within the varied landcape of printed sensors, Ceradex specializes in resistive sensor technology. The dedication has us providing comprehensive products and designed to meet diverse sensing requirements:

Single-Sensing Zone

Essential for applications requiring force sensing at a single point.

Multiple-Sensing Zone

Customizable for project configurations, these sensors off multiple distinct sensing points.


Position Sensor

Offers touch position sensing, both horizontally and vertically, adaptable for a variety of uses.

Array Mapping Sensor

Ideal for pressure mapping, these sensors provide a comprehensive view of force distribution over an area.


3-axis Sensor

Allows detection in three dimensions, capturing movement and force with a single contact point.