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Professional Printed Sensors Manufacturer

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CERADEX specializes in multilayer screen-printing manufacturing since 1995 and has become one of the leading design and manufacturers in its field. With this know-how, CERADEX released its printed electronic sensors product line in 2019. Putting forth our footprint into the field of printed sensors and provide custom solutions for various applications and projects in different industries.

With two ISO-9001 certified design and manufacturing facilities, CERADEX integrates quality control measures to ensure every sensor manufactured undergoes comprehensive diagnosis that meet customer’s requirements.


CERADEX has been providing quality multilayer screen printing sensors for business solutions and team projects since 1995.

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Why work with CERADEX ?

Customized Solution

CERADEX offers a wide range of printed sensors that can accommodate different project needs.  Furthermore, our team of engineers can provide custom solutions at a cost effective and quality manner. Custom samplings including dimensions and output tolerance, are quick with us and requires minimal initial investment.  We welcome all inquiries!

Selected Material

Printed sensors are made of various materials with different functionalities.  These functionalities often are affected by applied environment.  With 25 years of experience in material science, we have the expertise to evaluate the right materials or formulate our own materials to meet customer’s project requirements.

Skilled Professional

Our team of engineers come from backgrounds of material science, chemistry, electrical, and mechanical engineering.  And with combination of multilayer screen print expertise, we are ready for all sorts of project challenges.  We implement projects in a cost-effective manner and provide quality printed sensors to our customers worldwide.

Integrated Application

Printed sensors are flexible, lightweight, and ultra-thin.  Its form is one of the reasons why people choose printed sensor for their application.  Different projects require different forms and printed circuits for the project to work.  Our mechanical and electrical engineers can provide fast and optimized integration solution according to customer’s project needs. 


Applied Industries


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