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What is a Motorcycle Oxygen Sensor?

Like its automotive counterpart, Motorcycle Oxygen Sensor measures the oxygen concentration of exhaust gas and output it in voltages for ECU to monitor and adjust fuel injection accordingly to achieve the emission standard. Unlike its automotive counterpart, Motorcycle Oxygen Sensor generally comes in smaller total dimension and smaller hexagon nut thread sizes.

CERADEX offers three types of Motorcycle Oxygen Sensor for EFI designer and system integrator. Our PM series is our cost effective solution that uses ambient air as reference air for air to fuel differentiation. Our SY series reference air is system pumped allowing for tighter system control, reduced contamination factor, water and oil proofing, and stable operation. Lastly, our SE series reference air is self pumped allowing for all the benefits of SP series while save system component cost.

To ensure the highest quality and stability, every piece of sensor manufactured undergoes strict simulated bench for function check of lambda voltage output, as well as pressurized sealing bench for leakage check. With 25 years of experience in the field, choose CERADEX's Motorcycle Oxygen Sensor for your ODM and OEM needs.