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Motorcycle Oxygen Sensor

EURO emission standard ready

Motorcycle lambda sensor (oxygen sensor) is a critical component in the fuel injection system. It helps the system measuring the oxygen contents in exhaust gas then out signals in voltages to ECU (Electronic Control Unit) to calculate the air-fuel mixture of exhaust gas. Vehicle must maintain an air and fuel mixture of 14.7:1, the industry’s standard for efficient and optimal emission. Too much oxygen in this ratio means the engine is running lean, result in poor engine performance. Too much fuel in this ratio means the engine is running rich, result in bad fuel economy and high emission. Both conditions may shorten the lifespan of a vehicle's engine and catalytic converter.


Ceradex's motorcycle O2 sensor technology enables our sensors to achieve and exceed OEM oxygen sensor's specification and performance. With self-developed and produce sensor’s core ceramic element, Ceradex have the widest range available for both motorcycle and scooter, in OEM, ODM and aftermarket replacement sector.

Selected Materials

We DON'T compromise

As Ceradex products specialize in engine management, electronic fuel injection (EFI), and exhaust system sensors, we understand the materials that construct the sensor need to be of a high standard to withstand the high temperature and expose environment around the EFI system. Therefore, Ceradex carefully selected our sensor components as well as raw materials from OEM suppliers and world-leading companies.