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Membrane Potentiometer

Customize to suit your project needs

Membrane potentiometer is also known as a flexible position sensor, is constructed by screen printing conductive materials onto stacked flexible polymer sheets. The sensor is ultra-thin, flexible, and outputs resistance values according to the point of contact that is applied to the sensing area. The resistance value varies when the point of contact shifted.

There are two configurations of membrane potentiometers, linear and rotary. The linear potentiometer is generally used for single-axis control and monitoring. Rotary potentiometer simulating knob control and navigating rotation interface.

Ceradex's membrane potentiometer technology is designed with precision and detailed printing on a flexible substrate that provides cost-effective solutions and customized options to meet customer's needs.

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CERADEX Membrane Potentiometer Technology

membrane potentiometer customize options

CERADEX membrane potentiometer technology offers force sensing linear potentiometer (FSLP) and ring membrane potentiometer for different interface operation use. With our own formulated materials and screen printing process, our customers can choose what best suited their project. Customized options as below,

  • Response curve
  • Configuration
  • Dimension
  • Connector

In general, Membrane potentiometer are made of stacked PET films for minimal space integration. Besides the base pressure mapping sensor, CERADEX also provides solutions for other factors that our customers may concern.

  • Liquid environment (Waterproofing)
  • High temperature tolerence
  • Low temperature stability