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Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor

Stand guard of your exhaust aftertreatment system

Exhaust Gas Temperature sensor also known as EGT sensor (EGTS) and exhaust temp sensor (ETS), is used to monitor the temperature of the exhaust aftertreatment system and protect it from overheating. General found in diesel engine and turbocharged vehicle; it has also been used for petrol gas vehicle to monitor the high-temperature area. With exhaust temp sensor detects the temperature of exhaust gas then output signals in voltages to ECU (Electronic Control Unit), it monitors the overall condition of the exhaust system and effectively reduces harmful emission.


Ceradex's exhaust gas temperature sensors (EGT) are made from self-formulated fine ceramic. Its core ceramic element is press-formed with embedded conductor and thin-film technology that ensure sensor outstanding performance and tolerance against the harsh environment of the vehicle's exhaust system.

Selected Materials

We DON'T compromise

As Ceradex products specialize in engine management, fuel injection, and exhaust system sensors, we understand the materials that construct the sensor need to be of a high standard in order to withstand the high-temperature environment under the vehicle's hood. Therefore, Ceradex carefully selected our sensor components as well as raw materials from OEM suppliers and world-leading companies.