Product Name : PTC Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor
Product Description

PTC Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor

Precisely detect temperature difference

PTC stands for "Positive Temperature Coefficient", meaning the sensor resistance increase as sensing temperature increase. PTC temperature sensor's resistance variation is in linear scale. PTC EGT sensor integrates PT200 sensing element construct via thin film process. Its characteristic indicates 200Ω (Ohm) when temperature is at 0°C. PT200 exhaust gas temperature sensor can accurately detect temperature difference and feedback its signals in voltage to ECU (Electronic Control Unit) to oversight vehicle exhaust system's overall condition.


Ceradex's PTC temperature sensing element are made from PT200 in accordance with OEM standards. And with high-temperature tolerance sensor body materials, it can withstand temperatures up to 900°C.

Product Introduction
  • Thin film PT-200 sensing element to achieve temperature reading accuracy and stability
  • Enhanced sensor durability and prevent conductive oxidization
  • Enhanced resistance to vehicle vibration
  • Chemical treatment on frontal tube to enhance sensor durability
  • Complete element sealing against high temperature exhaust gas intrusion
  • Easy installation
Available Type EP
Sensor Element Thin Film PT-200
Technology Sputter Coating
Circuitry Isolated Ground
Frontal Tube Single Layered Shrinkage Welded Tube
Hex Nut M12, M14
#Wires 2
Fitting Universal and Direct Fit
Temperature Range -40。C - 900。C depending on element type