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Thick Film Printed Heater

Customize to suits your project needs

Thick film printed heater is also known as the ceramic printed heating element, is constructed with Alumina composite and platinum heating trace via multilayer stacking process. The heater is high temperature heating, high heat resistance, and excellent insulation. With power connected, thick film printed heater rapid heating and sustain its temperature within fixed voltage.


CERADEX's thick film heater technology is designed with precision and detailed printing on composite ceramic that provides cost-effective solutions and customized options to meet customer's needs.

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CERADEX Thick Film Heater Technology

thick film printed heater customize options

CERADEX thick film heater technology offers planar ceramic heater for limited space configuration. With our own formulated materials and screen printing process, our customers can choose what best suited their project. Customized options as below,

  • Voltage setting
  • Configuration
  • Dimension
  • Connector