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Ceradex specialized in automotive sensor manufacture since 1995, is one of few automobile sensor suppliers with sensor core ceramic element production capability. Started from Zirconia (ZrO2) research, and expertise in press forming and multilayer stacking process, Ceradex provides the widest application range of oxygen sensor (O2) and exhaust gas temperature sensor (EGT) among automotive sensor manufacturers.

Besides two TS-16949 and ISO9001 certified facilities that systematic our operation and production, Ceradex integrates in-house designed quality control equipment to ensure every sensor manufactured undergoes comprehensive diagnoses that meet and even exceed OEM car sensor stringent standard and specifications.


Ceradex has been providing quality automotive sensors worldwide for both OE and Aftermarket replacement sectors.

Selected Materials

We DON'T compromise

As Ceradex products specialize in engine management, fuel injection, and exhaust system sensors, we understand the materials that construct the sensor need to be of a high standard to withstand the high-temperature environment under the vehicle's hood. Therefore, Ceradex carefully selected our sensor components as well as raw materials from OEM suppliers and world-leading companies.