Product Name : Ambient Air Reference Type
Product Description

Ambient Air Reference Motorcycle Oxygen Sensor

Various dimension for OEM / ODM integration

Ambient Air Reference type meaning oxygen sensor withdraw outside air and reference its oxygen content. By comparing between atmosphere and exhaust gas’s O2 content, oxygen partial pressure occurs, and Nernst Voltage generate. Then, ECU (Electronic Control Unit) reference the voltage data to determine the status of lean or rich condition.


Ceradex’s motorcycle O2 technology enables our sensor to be more resistant to harsh condition under expose environment. With added specialize air-permeable filter, results longer sensing lifespan.

Product Introduction
  • Monolithic ceramic element allowing faster operating time reach and shorter response time
  • Formulated element surface guarding against dew impact
  • Formulated protection layer filtering out harmful gas to the sensing catalyst
  • Premium stainless steel body protecting against extreme temperature and environment
  • M12 thread size and small body size enabled for small space motorcycle environment. Volatile for ODM and OEM use
  • Spiral single layer frontal tube protection to avoid exhaust gas direct hitting of ceramic element encased
  • PTFE filter allowing air inflow while preventing water and oil intrusion
  • Isolated circuitry body minimizing signal disruption
  • Extended front mechanical design for better sensing
Available Type PM1,PM3,PM4,PM8
Sensor Element High Sensitivity ZrO2
Technology Planar
Circuitry Isolated Ground   
Frontal Tube Spiral Single Layer
Hex Nut M12
#Wires 4
Heating Heated
Fitting Direct Fit
Temperature Range -40°C ~ 1200°C
Operating Temperature >400°C
Pumping Reference Air