Product Name : Air Referenced - PM Series
Product Description
What is an Ambient Referenced Motorcycle Oxygen Sensor?

Just like Automotive Oxygen Sensor, “Ambient Reference” Motorcycle Oxygen Sensor uses the ambient air flow (referenced air) from the back of the sensor and the air from the exhaust gas from the front of the sensor as oxygen sampling for Air and Fuel mixture.  Vehicle must maintain an air and fuel mixture of 14.7:1, the industry’s standard for efficient and optimal emission. Too much oxygen in this ratio means the engine is running lean; result in poor engine performance. Too much fuel in this ration means the engine is running rich; result in bad fuel economy and high emission. Both conditions may shorten the lifespan of a vehicle's engine and catalytic converter.

To ensure the highest quality and stability, every piece of sensor manufactured undergoes strict simulated bench for function check of both lambda voltage, as well as pressurized sealing bench for leakage check. With 25 years of experience in the field, choose CERADEX’s System Pumped Motorcycle Oxygen Sensor for your design needs.
Product Introduction
  • Monolithic ceramic element allowing faster operating time reach and shorter response time
  • Formulated element surface guarding against dew impact
  • Formulated protection layer filtering out harmful gas to the sensing catalyst
  • Premium stainless steel body protecting against extreme temperature and environment
  • M12 thread size and small body size enabled for small space motorcycle environment. Volatile for ODM and OEM use
  • Spiral single layer frontal tube protection to avoid exhaust gas direct hitting of ceramic element encased
  • PTFE filter allowing air inflow while preventing water and oil intrusion
  • Isolated circuitry body minimizing signal disruption
  • Extended front mechanical design for better sensing
Available Type PM1,PM3,PM4,PM8
Sensor Element High Sensitivity ZrO2
Technology Planar
Circuitry Isolated Ground   
Frontal Tube Spiral Single Layer
Hex Nut M12
#Wires 4
Heating Heated
Fitting Direct Fit
Temperature Range -40°C ~ 1200°C
Operating Temperature >400°C
Pumping Reference Air