Ceradex Project – Cup Warmer

Post by Allen Huang, Updated on July 15th, 2021


As one who does not allow the coffee or tea that starts the day goes cold, we improvised and come up with the idea of making a cup warmer. By placing membrane heater at the inner side of the cup holder and connected with a portable charger. We are able to keep the beverage or water heated and sustain at a specific temperature.





After the first trial, the objective of sustain liquid temperature has been achieved, but connecting a portable charger at the bottom of a mug is not exactly ideal. In result, we have left only the membrane heater on the cup holder and pair with a cup stand that integrated power pin that can be connected with the power supply when the cup is on the stand.





Voila! The advantage of PTC membrane heater is temperature will only increase to heater specific setting. Therefore, we do not have to worry about overheating or added a temperature controller. Additionally, membrane heater is flexible which is able to fit in cup holder easily and simply connected with a battery or power supply. It will start functional.

Ceradex offers custom Membrane PTC Heaters for your solution. Feel free to contact us for discussion and get your project started!!