Pressure Mapping Sensor Integrated Within Fitness Mat and Yoga Mat

Post by Allen Huang, Updated on August 20th, 2021


People absorbed information through displays as technology pushes forward offline to online, but it seems to be a little off in feelings. Traditionally, individuals received information in one direction, and perhaps through general communication via verbal or literal descriptions. With fitness and yoga activities, some operations are just not easy to describe but needed to feel through the process. It is relatively important due to different activities train different muscles or serve a different purpose. It will be in vain if the exercise is operated in error. By integrating pressure mapping sensors within fitness and yoga mat, operators and supervisors can oversight the exercise and provide suggestions or adjustments in instant. It can optimize the experience in training and effectiveness in results.


Posture Adjustment / Routine Monitors



One of the most important matters with fitness and yoga exercise is the postures and different postures focus on specific muscle manipulation or purpose to achieve proper results. With pressure mapping sensors integrated underneath the fitness mat and yoga mat, users can instantly be aware of the status of the current activity. By weighted force area and overall pressure mapping, error postures can be notified to the user for adjustment immediately and even preventing injuries. Moreover, it can be a routine monitor that timed and switched sessions without disturbing or breaking the continuous momentum.


Interactive Application / Remote Lectures



As electronics and the internet are thriving, information is not just unidirectional. interactive application and distance teaching become methods for individuals to take courses that receive instructions and feedback. With fitness and yoga courses, verbal instructions may not be the easiest way for the learner to operate accordingly. By using pressure mapping fitness or yoga mat, the instructor can identify the activities’ correctness through users’ data. Instructors or applications can immediately make the adjustment or further description for the specific user and better off the effectiveness or results.



In conclusion, technology does not just stop at what it is now but pushes forward at what else can be provided. With pressure mapping sensors integrated within the fitness and yoga mat, users can interact with the instructor or application that can escalate the experience or make adjustments along with the session. It breaks the barrier of distance teaching in fitness exercise and yoga posture. Even better, it is also a device that monitors personal daily routine and records the user’s health progress.


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