How Inventory Management Works With Force Sensing Resistor(FSR)?

Post by Allen Huang, Updated on February 13nd, 2023

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Inventory management can be briefly understood as organizing stock items or materials for further processing. From the very beginning, we manually charted it down with pen and paper generating data for us to track the status of each product at a glance. Then, extend from how many you have to how many you need more, and when you need it. Thanks to today's technology of computers, not only it can monitor the level of the goods, it grows into a wider and more dynamic database. With just a few clicks, we can quickly know the stock levels for the past three years or restock time frame of a specific item. Although it is already good news that computers greatly cut the sort and filter time, the real headache is building the database. People doubt that isn't it just inputting numbers in the system? But there can be hundreds or thousands of different products in the inventory, and probably not individually packed. In these cases, it buffed the chances of unexpected deviations. Resulting in poor efficiency, delayed handling, or even worst affecting production flow. Now, we all notice that businesses went smart as the technologies thrived. Sensors are the hands for the system to constantly oversight total status. In this case, force sensing resistors can be the best solution for inventory management. Let's find out why!


How can Force Sensing Resistor be in use?

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Force sensing resistor (FSR) is a membrane force sensor that is so thin and lightweight, it can be integrated into almost anywhere. Simply place it underneath the inventory. FSR constantly monitors the status of what is on top of it by detecting the variation of pressure, force, or weight that is applied to the sensing area.


What are the Benefits of using Force Sensing Resistor?

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The main benefit of choosing FSR is that it can be integrated into existing storage structures. Furthermore, it is considerably more cost-effective than other sensor solutions. Besides having an overview of the inventory, there are also extended factors that we can benefit from the constantly collected data, such as shelf life, expiration, and popularity. With these data, we can further analyze the performance of inventory management and make a more accurate decision.



From the fundamental method of inventory control to systematic inventory management, businesses seek solutions that better off business flow and process. By stepping into smart solutions, companies can escalate efficiency and avoid errors. Even better, creating a database that inspired businesses to develop new strategies. Force sensing resistors can be a suitable solution due to their size and easy integration. Last but not least, it is more cost-effective than other force sensing solutions, extending the possibility not only within scaled businesses but also in retail, restaurant, and small or mid-size manufacturers.


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