FRX7S strip FSR announcement

We are thrilled to announce the new model launch of our FSR product line - the Strip Force sensitive resistor! Our strip force-sensitive resistor is flexible, highly durable, and adapted to grip and handle applications. Its unique design allows it to measure the pressure applied across its length, with a sensing range from 200g to 10kg, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Whether you are building a prototype, designing a new product, or simply need to monitor force or pressure in real-time, our strip force-sensitive resistor is the solution you need. it is easy to use, versatile, and can be cropped to desire length and meet your specific requirements.

We have taken great care to ensure that our strip force-sensitive resistor is of the highest quality, using in-house designed materials and precise printing technology in its production. Its durability allows it to handle dynamic usage in grip applications and fit seamlessly into any environment, while its resistive characteristic makes it easy to integrate. We believe our Strip force-sensitive resistor offers unparalleled reliability and durability. We are excited to see how it will revolutionize the way you implement into your project.

Thank you for your continued support. We can’t wait for you to experience the precision and convenience of our Strip force-sensitive resistor!

Ceradex Corporation