How Force Sensitive Resistor can be used in Medical Industries?

Post by Allen Huang, Updated on June 18th, 2021


Medical industries are one of the most important fields in society, it is a matter of life and death. Precision and accuracy are relatively important when it comes to human anatomy. Deviations may cost golden timing from rescuing or even escalate the situation. Therefore, the medical devices have been updating rapidly that are needed to handle various situations in very little time. Force-sensitive resistors (FSR) is a flexible sensor that detects pressures and their variation. For medical applications, it can be integrated within medical devices due to its size and customizable option. It can monitor various objectives for administrators to aware and take action.


CPR machine




CPR machine is one of the critical medical devices in hospitals and first aid. In an emergency, there is no fault tolerance, too little or too great of pressure on the chest may affect the success rate of saving patients’ life. With CPR machines that can deliver precise and consistent action, CPR therapy can be delivered in its best condition. Force-sensitive resistors can be integrated within the CPR machine within the stretching mechanism. FSR can monitor every compression is consistent and safe with its sensitivity on pressure variation and precision detecting.



Hospital bed




Hospital beds are important assets of the hospitals, it is very crucial due to the count of hospital beds is directly reflexed to the hospital’s medical capacity. With force-sensitive resistors integrated within hospital beds as an occupancy indicator, the hospital can instantly aware of its capacity status, and act in advance in case of overloading. Also, FSR is extremely sensitive to pressure variation, vibration and movement can easily be detected. These factors help monitor the patient’s status, such as breathing patterns and awareness of seizures, and epilepsy.




With force-sensitive resistors’ base functionality of sensing force and pressure, it can be integrated across medical devices to monitor various objectives from shortening data acquired time to instant response time. FSR can also be integrated with limited space and carry around due to its size and lightweight. After all, in rescuing emergencies every second counts.


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