Product Name : Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) Sensor
Product Description

Air Fuel Ratio Sensor

Lean spectrum precise detection

Air fuel ratio sensor, also known as "AF sensor" and "AFR sensor", is an advanced 4 wire oxygen sensor with the same function as the conventional oxygen (O2) sensor, commonly applicated on the Japanese-makd vehicle since 2000.

AF ratio sensor is particularly sensitive to the lean spectrum of air to fuel ratio. With continuous sampling of the oxygen content within the exhaust gas, air fuel ratio sensors feed its reading as how lean these oxygen contents are, then vehicle’s ECU can manage precise fuel injection to sustain ideal air to fuel ratio.

Ceradex’s patented single-cell air-fuel planar technology enables our af ratio sensors to achieve systematic oxygen pumping that allows higher detection accuracy in a linear format. Contact us if you have any questions.

Product Introduction
  • Single cell current limiting planar design improves lean range lambda control accuracy as well as sensor heating durability.
  • Monolithic ceramic element allowing faster operating time reach and shorter response time.
  • Formulated element surface guarding against dew impact.
  • Formulated protection layer filtering out harmful gas to the sensing catalyst.
  • Premium stainless steel body protecting against extreme temperature and environment.
  • Double layer frontal tube protection to eliminate exhaust gas direct hitting the ceramic element encased.
  • Isolated circuitry body to minimize signal noise.
Available Type AF0,AF1,AF2,AF3
Sensor Element ZrO2
Technology Single Cell Air Fuel Planar
Circuitry Isolated Ground
Frontal Tube Double Layer 
Hex Nut M18
#Wires 3 ~ 4
Heating Heated  
Fitting Universal, Direct Fit
Temperature Range -40°C ~ 1200°C
Operating Temperature >400°C