Product Name : Thimble Oxygen (O2) Sensor
Product Description

Thimble Oxygen Sensor

Conical ceramic sensing element

Thimble oxygen sensor also known as the "Conical Lambda Sensor", is a switch-type lambda sensor that detects oxygen contents within the exhaust gas. The ceramic sensing element is pressed formed to conical design, hence "Thimble". It is a traditional and earliest type of oxygen (O2) sensor.

The thimble oxygen sensors function as rich and lean indicators generally come in 1 to 4 wires. With 1 and 2 wires, known as an unheated oxygen sensor, usually located close to the engine room and relies on the surrounding heat to reach operational temperature. With 3 and 4 wires O2 sensor, it integrated heating element, known as a heated oxygen sensor, allowing the sensor to be located downstream after the catalytic converter.


Ceradex's patented single-cell thimble technology enables our sensors to be more resistant to the harsh environment of the engine room and exhaust system. With added specialized protective coating on the ceramic cell surface, resulting in a longer sensing lifespan.
Product Introduction
  • Premium stainless steel body to protect against extreme temperature and environment
  • Heat trapping thermal mass maximizing element sensitivity
Available Type OS1
Sensor Element ZrO2
Technology Thimble
Circuitry Body Ground
Frontal Tube Spiral Single Layer
Hex Nut M18
#Wires 1 - 2
Heating Unheated
Fitting Universal, Direct Fit
Temperature Range -40°C ~ 1200°C
Operating Temperature >400°C