Product Name : Planar Oxygen (O2) Sensor
Product Description

Planar Oxygen Sensor

Faster startup and response time

Planar oxygen sensor also known as narrowband O2 sensor, is a switch type lambda sensor that detects air to fuel ratio in binary format. The ceramic sensing element is monolithic stacked design, hence "planar". With integrated heating element, known as heated oxygen sensor, makes it faster to reach operational temperature, which result in lowering emission during start up time. The planar oxygen sensors generally come in 3 or 4 wires and covers most of the vehicle today.

Planar lambda sensor function as rich and lean indicator. With planar structured ceramic element, Planar O2 sensors have a faster response time than conventional oxygen (O2) sensors, allowing the vehicle's ECU (Electronic Control Unit) to manage fuel injection rapidly and sustain ideal fuel economy.


Ceradex's patented single-cell planar technology enables our sensors to achieved faster startup time and shorter response time that reflect more accurate lambda readings.
Product Introduction
  • Monolithic ceramic element allowing faster operating time reach and shorter response time
  • Formulated element surface guarding against dew impact
  • Formulated protection layer filtering out harmful gas to the sensing catalyst
  • Premium stainless steel body protecting against extreme temperature and environment
  • Double layer frontal tube protection to eliminate exhaust gas direct hitting the ceramic element encased
  • Isolated circuitry body to minimize signal noise
Available Type PS8
Sensor Element ZrO2
Technology Planar
Circuitry Isolated Ground
Frontal Tube Double Layer
Hex Nut M18
#Wires 3 ~ 4
Heating Heated  
Fitting Universal, Direct Fit
Temperature Range -40°C ~ 1200°C
Operating Temperature >400°C